Vic Teakwood

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tracks from new album now available

Hey --
Great news guys and gals! I've got a new album
coming out. It's called THE MANIC MOODS OF
VIC TEAKWOOD and it's a compilation of rarities
and B-sides.

My close personal friend, Doug Gordon, has been
kind enough to post links to four tracks from this
new album -- "Knowlton Nash"; "Smells Like
Teen Sweatshops"; "The Starbucks Song"; and
"Slack Like Me." Consider it kind of a sneak

Check 'em out at that Gordon guy's blog.

Hope you dig 'em.

Everlastin' love,

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Johnny Cash, Live at Shawshank

From the "What I'm Listening To" Department...

Unreleased "Johnny Cash - Live At Shawshank" album.
Great stuff! The master tapes were recently discovered
in the House Of Cash walk-in closet, along with test pressings
of JC's Sun Records and multitrack audio masters from JC's
TV reported in the new issue of Rolling Stone (Shaun
White cover).

Through a friend of a friend, I got my hands on the Shawshank
tape. My buddy, Doug Gordon, was kind enough to post a link
to "Shawshank Prison Blues" on his blog. I would have posted
it on my blog but I don't have enough room for audio stuff.

Here's the link...


Everlastin' love,

Stephen Harper Commentaraoke Now Available

Hey --
What's going on?
Just wanted to let you know that my latest Commentaraoke
is available online.
It's called "I Wanna Shake Your Hands" and it's about...
guess who? got it! P.M. Stephen Harper!

You can check it out in the pilot episode of "McLuhanville."
It starts at the 7:35 mark and runs about 2:25-ish.

Here's the link...

Until next time.

Everlastin' love,