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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Johnny Cash, Live at Shawshank

From the "What I'm Listening To" Department...

Unreleased "Johnny Cash - Live At Shawshank" album.
Great stuff! The master tapes were recently discovered
in the House Of Cash walk-in closet, along with test pressings
of JC's Sun Records and multitrack audio masters from JC's
TV reported in the new issue of Rolling Stone (Shaun
White cover).

Through a friend of a friend, I got my hands on the Shawshank
tape. My buddy, Doug Gordon, was kind enough to post a link
to "Shawshank Prison Blues" on his blog. I would have posted
it on my blog but I don't have enough room for audio stuff.

Here's the link...


Everlastin' love,


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